Saturday, April 30, 2016

Be More than Virtual

It has been several years since I have updated my blog. I actually had forgotten I had this one until I signed in to post to another one so I thought I would leave a few words......

In my many years of exploring the virtual worlds, I see many people who live their lives solely in the virtual setting. I understand that people need an escape. However, I fear they are letting their real lives pass them by while sitting on a computer.

I have spoken to people who laugh about never seeing sunlight because they are always on their computers. If that's their choice, that's fine. But when it starts affecting others, it's not. 

I am not here to judge. However, I am trying to make awareness of this phenomenon. It does my heart good to see one of my friends, who is a cofounder of one of the most well known grids, in her garden and making jellies! That is what we all should be doing.

Its fine to have hobbies. But anytime our hobbies take over our lives, they are no longer hobbies, they are life styles; life styles that can hurt people, not physically, but emotionally through neglect.

So, live, explore, make friends-but never forget your purpose. Be more than virtual. A great speaker I heard once said, "Never forget your -WHY." Why are you here, why do you exist. What a great way to keep perspective.

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